Internet Marketing Management

Internet marketing management typically includes online advertising, search engine optimization, social media marketing, online reputation management, ecommerce, virtual branding and content marketing and management among other things. Designing, implementing and measuring online marketing strategies that effectively achieve objectives is our business.


The most effective strategies typically rely on data based decision making to maximize ROI. Common objectives include increasing subscribers, email lists, feeding sales funnels and more. Watching cost per visit, response rates, and other conversion metrics allow you to fine tune efforts to ensure maximum efficiency. Most companies understand the importance of leveraging technical and creative strategies on a regular basis. Most businesses are also compelled to update their tactics as and when it is necessary considering new emerging trends.


In its essence, internet marketing management is about 1) Research to identify and reach target markets 2) Creating content and communication strategies to establish and foster beneficial exchange based on relationship and transactional marketing and 3) Ongoing review and modification to increase efficiencies.


We measure results and suggest strategies based on those results to optimize your success. We focus on building enduring relationships, sales funnels, engaging offers and consistent communications that all contribute to building your relationships and sales. Whether you need all or just a few pieces of the puzzle, please contact us below.

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    Plan Creation/Revision

    Research, strategize for website, social media, pay per click, SEO/SEM, email marketing, etc.

    Implement Strategies

    Optimize website for keyword ranking and high conversions, set up PPC, social media campaigns, create email campaigns etc.

    Measure Results

    Use analytics and other metrics, response and conversion rates, know your cost per click/lead/signup and sale.

    Internet Marketing Management

    Ongoing optimization and development of strategies and tactics based on objectives and data.