Should Dental Offices Invest in Google Ads?

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Understanding the Internet Landscape – Google Ads

It’s no secret the internet has changed the way we live and find products and services we need and want. Google Ads have proven to be a valuable tool for those interested in bringing readership to their website pages to learn about both products and services. If you don’t have the luxury of more patients than you need, Google Ads can be the most effective component of your internet marketing mix.


Over the years, Google has minimized the Organic ranking importance by decreasing the amount of space it allocates on search engine results pages making Google ads more important than ever. And, getting organically ranked on page one for <your town name> dentists, as an example, has become more and more difficult as competition increases and the search algorithms become more sophisticated.

Google Ads For Dental Marketing
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A Free Consultation can help you learn more about:

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A Viable Component of Your Internet Marketing Mix

One way to maintain and grow traffic to your website in 2020 is to create a Google Ads account. Set up correctly, it will virtually guarantee traffic to your website from your target audience. Google offers competitive bidding for search terms that people use to find dental services. So, each time someone clicks on one of your ads you are charged a fee for that click. Essentially, you are purchasing traffic for specific terms. An example might be “best dentist in <your city name>.” Your stated bid for that term will determine the placement of your ad relative to other dental offices buying traffic for that term.

Google Adwords For Dentists
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Success is in the Details

As you might imagine, simply buying traffic from Google will do little to grow your practice unless your office is taking full advantage of the website visits that occur. That typically involves making sure your website pages are inviting and direct response friendly. Step 1 is about website page design and sharing valuable information that helps website visitors determine if your office is right for them. Step 2 involves receiving traffic from potential patients searching for the services you offer. What percentage of the people that visit your site reach out to your office for an appointment of more information? Step 3 is all about creating an easy way for potential patients to get answers to questions and respond with an appointment request. Step 4 involves your office processes those responses.

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Should you invest in Google Ads in 2020?

Should you invest in Google Ads in 2020? Yes is the answer if you are doing it correctly. Doing it incorrectly will waste money and leave you disappointed and wondering what went wrong. Doing it correctly can achieve very high ROI and leave you wondering why you didn’t jump in sooner. Even modest ad budgets can help keep a healthy flow of new patients requesting information and calling to make appointments.


Knowing how to budget your adspend–choosing and bidding on search terms as well as writing effective ads that get clicks–is paramount to your success. There are literally dozens of variables and settings that must be managed accurately to maximize your return. We will discuss those and more in upcoming articles.


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